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A Massive Security Warning For YouTube Users Issued

Friday, September 27, 2019

Over this past weekend, cyber-criminals targeted high-profile YouTubers in a highly coordinated and “massive” attack. Catalin Cimpanu, a ZDNet reporter spoke to a member of an Internet forum with a past history of trading access to hacked accounts. Subsequently, Cimpanu issued a security warning notifying other YouTubers of the ‘massive’ cyber hack. This article will cover ‘which YouTube accounts have been hacked’ and ‘How were the YouTube accounts hacked’.

Which YouTube accounts have been hacked?

According to ZDNet, the attack was directed mostly towards “influencers” across many YouTube channel genres. In addition, many accounts belonging to well-known YouTubers within the car community d to have been hijacked. Various individuals took to twitter to complain about their YouTube accounts being hacked and access to their channels lost. Among the top channels effected were technology, music, gaming and Disney.

How were the YouTube accounts hacked?

Catalin Cimpanu determined that the hacked accounts were likely highly targeted. This method is also known as “spear phishing”. This method is much more conducive in comparison to the spray and pray method. The attack methodology begins with an email being sent to people from the list of YouTube Influencers. Ultimately, the individual is lured to a fake Google login page and their login credentials are accessed by the attacker.

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