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Bridgestone America reported a Cybersecurity Incident that may be related to the Ukraine, Russia War

bridgestone hack

Bridgestone statement:

“Bridgestone Americas is currently investigating an information security incident. Since learning of the incident in the early morning hours of February 27, we have launched a comprehensive investigation to quickly gather facts while working to ensure the security of our IT systems. Out of an abundance of caution, we disconnected many of our manufacturing and retreading facilities in Latin America and North America from our network to contain and prevent any impact”.

“We are continuing to make progress on the investigation towards determining the scope and nature of the incident, and we will continue to work diligently to address any issues that may affect our operations, our data, our teammates, and our customers”.

Employees at many plants were told Tuesday evening that they were not to report to work on Wednesday March 2nd.  Sporadic outages across the Bridgestone network continue to affect systems.  As a precaution Bridgestone facilities in the USA, Canada and Latin America have been removed from Bridgestone computer networks as a method of containing the incident.

At Topgallant Partners we advise our customers to have a Cybersecurity Framework in place like NIST SP800-53 to mitigate risk.  As part of a Framework Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests should be done yearly to identify vulnerabilities and exploits that could be used to breach a network. A simple step like keeping your software patching processes up to date across all systems and making sure your data is backed up will go a long way.  As part of a Framework Backup and Restore exercise should be done to prove everything works as designed. This is an essential part of your Disaster Recovery Plan and Incident Response Plan to reduce risk before a Cybersecurity Incident occurs.

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