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Security Assessment FAQs

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis services verify that you are compliant to the Meaningful Use Security Objective. Additionally, we provide the required Security Risk Analysis for HIPAA Compliance. Call us today Toll Free at 1-844-9Pentest (844) 973-6837)

Meaningful Use Security Objective

A HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is a requirement for meaningful use. Although the law does not specify how you are to accomplish this best practices recommend that a third party perform this type of work to ensure a non-biased risk analysis. By performing a non-biased risk analysis the organization will achieve a better understand of their security risk and have much better chances of mitigating unseen risks.


The HIPAA Security Risk Analysis process begins by assessing and analyzing your overall exposure. Our Assessments and Analysis are based on Interviews, Observations, Gap Analysis and a standardized methodology base on Healthcare Best Practice.


Our HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Analysis is based on the following controls and testing procedures:

Physical Controls: Doors, Locks, Visitor Badging, HVAC, Physical Access, Identification and Social Engineering

Administrative Controls: We examine the administrative controls in place which is not limited to Policies, Directives, Guidelines, Documentation and Interviewing and Observation.

Technical Controls: This includes password, Active Directory, Access Control, Integrity and Verification, Encryption, Anti-Virus Capabilities, Access Logging, Email Security, Software Development and Acquisition, Intrusion Detection and Firewall Controls.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing: We also test your systems by either or both a Vulnerability Scan and Certified Penetration Testing.

Verification Procedures: We verify these requirements through standardized testing procedures, Interviews, Observation and Social Engineering.

Remediation and Support: Additionally, we provide you with a Remediation Plan and One Year of Phone Support Consultation.

Our Job is not finished until you are Secure!

Call us today Toll Free at 1-844-9Pentest (1-844-973-6836).


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