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Cyber Attacks Increase During COVID-19

The Red Cross says that Cyber Attacks are putting lives at risk. Due to the stresses the healthcare industry is dealing with due to Covid-19.  The call has gone out for the International Community to take immediate action. Steps need to be taken to stop cyber attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare organisations during the ongoing corona virus pandemic. Fovernments around the world need to work together to make it happen. This is according to a newly published open letter. That was signed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, former world leaders, cyber security executives and others.

Cyber Attacks

Hospitals around the world are under additional stress. Covid-19 is something that cyber criminals are looking to exploit. There has been a number of ransomware attacks targeting hospitals and healthcare organisations. Cyber attackers attempt to hold vital infrastructure to ransom at a crucial time. this could lead to risking lives. Read about Topgallant’s Cyber Security Services

Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross said, “We must take action collectively to ensure this threat is addressed, already fragile health care systems. He went on to say, “particularly in countries affected by war and violence, must not be put at further risk by cyber hacking operations.” 

Companies like Trend Micro and Kaspersky have been monitoring the situation. They among other companies, Healthcare, law enforcement, and governments are actively calling for the creation of international laws. These laws would prohibit cyber attacks against healthcare in order to put an end to such cyber attacks.

The general consensus is that Healthcare needs to be protected. Hackers behind  hacking campaigns against the healthcare industry should be held accountable. View the Full Content Here.

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