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Data Breach by the Numbers

Data Breach Statistics that may blow your mind

Here are some interesting Data Breach factoids that after I did a little research made me realize that we are not doing enough to combat the data security threat.

data breach

  • There were 63,000 Security Breaches last year
  • 33 Percent of all Payment Card Industry regulated businesses perform regular yearly Penetration and quarterly Vulnerability Testing as required.
  • $5.85 Million Average Cost of a Data Breach in the United States
  • Security Breaches increased by 78 Percent from 2013 to 2014
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers estimated by survey that only 13 Percent of businesses have adequate security measures in place
  • In the same survey, 78 Percent of Chief Information Officers felt that they were adequately protected
  • Data Fraud or Theft is in the Top 10 Global Risks for 2015
  • 71 Percent of Breaches Target Small Businesses
  • It takes 210 days on average to discover a security breach
  • 60 Percent of Small Businesses closed within 6 months of a breach
  • 110 Million US Citizens Had Their Personal Data Exposed last year
  • Organizations in the US have the highest lost business costs due to data breaches
  • 116,793 records are breached every hour
  • 68 Percent of all business have no data breach protection or Cyber Insurance Policies in place
  • Hackers cost the US economy up to 500,000 jobs every year
  • 1 in 4 hackers is an FBI Informant
  • 1,023,108,267 records were breached in 2014
  • The United States has the #1 amount of Security Breaches in the World
  • 15 Percent of security theft was due to malicious insiders
  • 54 Percent of all records lost can be classified as Identity Theft
  • Accidental loss accounted for 27 Percent of all records breached
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