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How I finally understood what the heck jail breaking means!

So I thought I was pretty cool and up to date on a lot of things, but I didn’t actually understand the concept of “Jail Breaking” until I left the Android World and bought into the Darkside.

Yes, the darkside… The Apple iPhone (DUMDUMDUM).


And you know what I love it. It is so cool It works so much better than the Motorola Droid that I had. It’s like night and day. I am asking myself everyday, why I didn’t get on this train sooner.

What’s the catch????

Oh, you can only use Apple Approved Applications and guess what they cost MONEY. So what is the answer to fixing this problem.

JAILBREAK the phone! Or in layman’s terms free the phone from the confines of the chains of the oppressive Apple Corporation. (via software hacking) Then it’s like the best of both world’s the awesomeness of the iPhone with the flexibility of the Android.

So now I understand what Jail Breaking is… But from a security perspective is it a good idea?

Absolutely Not!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially if the phone is owned by your employer. Talk about security holes, I mean doing this is insane. WTF, I mean what is the point. If you want to be a freedom fighter go back to the Android. If you want to be a conformist stay with iPhone.

I had the Android Experience and it’s basically just not worth the hassle, so  I am sticking the old conformist Apple iPhone.  I mean for a jail it’s pretty nice.

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