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Big Fonts and Netflix on Droid = No Show

This is a little off topic… Well it’s a lot off topic but for anyone out there with a Droid, please take note… First of all Netflix on my Droid Razr is AWESOME!!! Big Fonts is AWESOME!!! But unlike a Reese’s Cup these two don’t go together.

Here is the Story

I was having problems getting the  Netflix App to work on my totally sweet new Android Razr. It just wouldn’t work. Meaning the app loaded but when I tried to play the movie, it would not start. It would just go back to the main screen or go to the Netflix Sign-In Page.

So I called NetFlix. Netflix said to call Verizon. I called Verizon and they said to go to the store.  So I trucked down to the Verizon Store and said that I wanted my money back, they fixed the issue by resetting my phone to factory default.

 Then Everything worked.      Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

 But it happened again!!           Urgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

This is the issue:

My close up vision is bad so I had downloaded an app called =”Big Fonts.” Big Fonts is a very cool app, it increases the font size up to 130 Percent. Works Perfect. For those of us who are far-sighted challenged.

After Verizon reset my phone to factory default. The Big Fonts program reinstalled but was inactive. 

So last night I was watching Star Trek Enterprise (which is excellent by the way, I know alot of people don’t like it, but I am a huge trekkie fan, what can I say) on my RAZR and I paused to check my email.

Of course the font was small so checked out my other favorite app Big Fonts.

I activated Big Fonts and made my fonts bigger guess what? When I went back to Stark Trek Enterprise. I hit the resume button and Netflix wouldn’t work anymore.

I uninstalled Big Fonts and Netflix works great.

Baffling Issued Solved but now I have to deal with wearing my reading glasses.

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