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OPM Posts Information Regarding Cyber Breach for Contractors

Contractor Information Affected by Cyber Breach

Current or former Federal contractors may have been impacted by the Cyber Breach affecting background investigation records. We have no evidence to suggest that current or former Federal contractors were affected by the separate incident involving personnel data.Types of information in the incident involving background investigation records:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Residency and educational history
  • Employment historyreach
  • Information about immediate family and personal and business acquaintances
  • Health, criminal and financial history
  • Some records could also include:
    • Findings from interviews conducted by background investigators
    • Fingerprints.
    • Usernames and passwords used to fill out your forms

    Some records also include findings from interviews conducted by background investigators and approximately 1.1 million include fingerprints. Usernames and passwords that background investigation applicants used to fill out their background investigation forms were also stolen.

    If you may have used your e-QIP (the online system used to process forms) password for other accounts or services, you should change your passwords for those accounts immediately and not reuse any passwords that you used in the e-QIP system.

    Protections available to you:

    For those affected by the background investigation incident, we will be providing you with a suite of comprehensive services in the coming weeks about the Cyber Breach. You will receive a notice in the mail providing details on the incident and the services available to at no cost for at least three years you such as:

    • Full service identity restoration support and victim recovery assistance
    • Identity theft insurance
    • Identity monitoring for minor children
    • Continuous credit monitoring
    • Fraud monitoring services beyond credit files

    This notification will also include detailed information that you can provide to other individuals you may have listed on your form. This information will explain the types of data that may have been included on the form, best practices they can exercise to protect themselves, and the resources publicly available to address questions or concerns.

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