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Ten Reasons Why Hacking Microsoft XP Registry is a Bad Idea

Microsoft XPVery recently it has surfaced that you can “hack” your registry and gain support for Windows XP by adding a registry key that tricks Microsoft into believing that your PC or PCs are POSReady 2009 devices.

The hack is very simple. Write a script. Save it as a registry file and import it into your registry and voila you now can get security updates. The hack is so easy that I refuse to even post it.

Why is this a bad idea. I will give you

  • It’s Illegal…
  • It’s Unethical…
  • Are you willing to lose your livelihood by saving your company a money?
  • Does your business depend on Information Technology, if so why would you really trust that Point of Sale Systems have the same requirements as your business?
  • Do your current applications support Microsoft POSReady 2009 as the base OS?
  • Computers have a lifetime and age like cheese, not wine.
  • Maybe it’s a good time for a refresh.
  • Microsoft says that you will not be fully protected.
  • Once you put it on your computer and reboot is hard getting it off.
  • What are you going to do about Office 2003, no work around there.

Get off the dime and upgrade! It’s time to enter 21st Century.

P.S. Who was the genius at Microsoft who decided the differentiation between XP and POSReady 2009 would be a single registry key! Whoever that was I want his or her’s job!

And that is pretty much all I have to say about that.




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