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Oklahoma Man Sentenced for Cyberstalking

Wednesday, September 3, 2019


According to the United States Attorney, Marshal Marshall, age 37, was sentenced to a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Marshall entered a plea guilty for cyberstalking. In addition to his prison sentence  Marshall will be required to carry out a 3 year supervised release in addition to his prison sentence.

In 2017, the head principal for the school reported to the FBI that Marshal Marshall made persistent and escalating threats of violence to teachers. Investigation revealed Marshall had been impersonating teachers, friends, and family members of the victims. Marshall would harass, pressure, and coerce each victim.

Marshall conducted cyberstalking through text and email communication. He eventually began illegally wiretapping the victim’s home. He placed recorders and motion activated cameras in her bedroom. The FBI was able to forensically match the devices to Marshall. The victim stated, “feeling followed or surveillance at all times . . . [and] faced threats to her reputation in the community, both professionally and personally.”

Marshall conducted the cyberstalking by both text and email communication. Eventually he began to illegally wiretap the victim by breaking into her residence, placing recorders in her home and placing a motion sensor activated camera in her bedroom.  The FBI recovered these devices and tied them forensically to Marshall.       

Text messages from Marshall’s cell phone demonstrated he had solicited multiple men, his sister, and two minors, to aid him in the cyberstalking.

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