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IT Risk Assessment: Five Top Organizational Security Benefits

IT Risk Assessment

IT Risk Assessment Benefits

1. Documents Due Diligence

An IT Risk Assessment provides verification and validation of an organization’s adherence to best practices and compliance with government regulations.

  • It is an essential part of prudent risk management.
  • An IT Risk Assessment report is evidence that documents an organization’s due diligence in protecting its networks and information.
  • An IT Risk Assessment will provide Insurance companies and business partners the documentation that you have good security practices as well.
  • It provides the documented paper trail to prove to regulators that your organization is complying to government regulations
  • If a breach were to occur it would proof of due diligence to authorities probing a complaint that you have appropriate levels of data protection.

2. Identifies Security Vulnerabilities

No infrastructure is perfect and non-susceptible to attack and security holes and lapses.

  • An IT Risk Assessment will provide a laundry list for fixing problems and improving IT Security.
  • An IT Risk Assessment provides a snapshot of your organization’s security.
  • An IT Risk Assessment will identify current vulnerabilities and exposures on each and every platform.
  • The report will help you prioritize your efforts and gives you a baseline for measuring progress.

3. An IT Risk Assessment Preempts Surprises

There are some things you can’t defend against, no matter how many firewalls you erect.

  • An IT Risk Assessment will help you establish a layered security infrastructure that will protect your company against high percentage of the known threats
  • An IT Risk Assessment allows you to quietly assess and catalog your security gaps so you can react appropriately in the event of a compromise.
  • It creates a paper trail that should be guarded. Any attacker would love to lay his hands on your Risk Assessment report; it provides a road map for compromising your network.

4. Determines Organizational and Industry Security Requirements

Good security has a lot to do with adherence to established security policies and practices.

  • An IT Risk Assessment defines what policies are needed and how well they are enforced
  • An IT Risk Assessment will compare your infrastructure to Best Practice Environments
  • a Risk Assessment will identify the unique policy and process requirements of your company.
  • An IT Risk Assessment will help you identify what devices are required.

5. Establishes the Big Picture

An IT Risk Assessment is more than running a vulnerability scanner against a network segment and creating a prepackaged report.

  • An IT Risk Assessment provides a holistic examination of the security infrastructure — technology, people and processes.
  • It also involves interviewing the people who use the network — everyone from the security manager to human resources, legal to auditing.
  • These interviews will reveal your organization’s security awareness level, as well as recent incidents and problems.
  • The process will reveal who in your organization understands security and who still needs to be converted.
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