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Recent Hacking Events and Ransomware Attacks


So far in 2021 High Profile Ransomware Attacks have taken an accumulated $45 million in Ransom money from 292 Attacks.

  • Trojan Malware – 26 million User Logins stolen from Tech Giants Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Ebay, Instagram, Paypal Twitch, and Twitter.  Data was taken from 3.25 million Windows Computers.
  • Ransomware – University of Vermont Medical Center The hackers placed malware on more than 5,000 hospital computers and laptops that encrypted files and data on 1,300 servers. UVM Medical Center had to wipe the computers, laptops and servers and then reinstall all data and software, according to the report.  The attack cost UVM Medical Center around $1.5 million per day in lost revenue and expenses.  On the back end litigation costs, fines, and loss of reputation will dwarf this amount.
  • Password Breach – 8.5 billion Passwords leaked online from RockYou2021 Leak.
  • Malware – State of Massachusetts Vehicle Inspection System from 3rd party vendor APPLUS Taken down for two weeks.
  • Ransomware – Colonial Pipeline paid $4.4 Million Dollars to get decryption key to get systems back online.
  • Ransomware – JBS Meat Processing paid $11 Million Dollars to get decryption key to get systems back online.
  • Ransomware – Massachusetts Steamship Authority
  • Ransomware – Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department Extorted for Money.  Hackers threaten to publish dossiers of Officers.
  • Hack of Software Solarwinds – US Government, Intel, Cisco and other companies breached through Open-Source Software Solarwinds.
  • Hack – EA Sports Gaming Software Source Code Stolen.

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