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Saint Penetration Tester on Ubuntu 11.04 x64

I just finished setting up Saint Penetration Tester on Ubuntu 11.04 x64. Works Great but their a few caveats.

1. I first setup Ubuntu Desktop with 10.04 x64 on a New Toshiba R845-S80 with 4 GB of Memory. Result was that the software didn’t recognize my Ethernet Adapter but did recognize my Wi-Fi Adapter. After about 3 hours of trying to find a solution. I reverted to to Ubuntu 32-bit.

2. Same Issue with Ubuntu 10.04 couldn’t load eth0. GRRRRRRR

3. Loaded Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 x32 worked. Downloaded Saint and it worked great. Caveat- After you download and double clicking on Saint, you have to wait a few seconds for the authentication password. After that you need to wait and don’t click on the install button again or you will totally F-up the install. (I did do this and had to reload Ubuntu again). Instead click on the History Tab in the Installer and make sure that it is running. Also, copy your license via gedit your license and paste and create a file called license.txt. You will get a bunch of errors in the terminal but ignore them.

After which go to your programs tab and look for Saint and Saint Web Daemon. Drag those to your Programs tab on your Sidebar.

Then Voila, setup for Saint Express Updates with the keys that you received. And your ready to rock an roll.

4. Because I loaded the 32-bit, there is a universal limitation that 32-bit OS’s can only handle up to 3 GB of memory. So, finally I reloaded Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit and redid the Step 3 and everything works great.

I was using a VMWare Server, but the performance was pretty sluggish. By dedicating a new Workstation/Server. Performance is really really good. Currently I have 4 GB of Memory (2x 2GB SDRAM), I ordered 2 4GB SDRAM Cards. The result should be really awesome.



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One last thing Ubuntu 11.04 x64, I think it beats Mac OS by a mile and a half, plus it’s opensource and free!!!!!!!!!!!

Ubuntu Server with 8 MB of Memory on a New Toshiba Satellite. Kicking Butt.

I have setup the MAC for Ubuntu Theme. I love this server, like I love golf.

I had a problem with LibreOffice. There was some kind of conflict, where the calc program (Think Excel” would freeze up, but thanks to the Linux Ubuntu Community it turned out that it was the uncheck the box fix something about anti-aliasing. Did it result:


Jones Out

I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. Works Well.

I had to add perl library module io::compress::Zlib to Ubuntu 11.10 to make automatic drive-by module to work.

Did a cpan io::compress::Zlib. The library has all the compression modules.

Works Great

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