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Scam-A-Rama Email Warning

Bogus Email Warning***Bogus Email Warning***Bogus Email Warning***

Has anyone seen this yet?

I am writing to seek your help for the Nepal Earthquake victim. Sounds Good and looks legit but it scam-a-rama time on the Internet. I know everyone wants to do the right thing but in this case you should beware of this new bogus email warning.

Then United States Computer Emergency Response Team has put out a bogus email warning us about new email scams that are seeking donations to help the people of Nepal. The US CERT says,

“US-CERT would like to warn users of potential email scams regarding the earthquake in Nepal. The scam emails may contain links or attachments that may direct users to phishing or malware infected websites. Phishing emails and websites requesting donations for fraudulent charitable organizations commonly appear after these types of natural disasters.”

Here is a tip if you want to donate money to the email charity go to FTC Webpage and make sure that the charity is legit. Here is the link.

So let’s all pray for the people of Nepal and if we donate make sure it gets to them.

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