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Picking up the pieces after the fallout of the Sony Breach

Picking up the pieces after the fallout of the Sony Breach.

Take it from Sony, all companies and their executive management teams should be worried about Cyber Security.

Being cavalier about your security posture is like playing Russian Roulette.  Sooner or later the breach is going to happen and you may not be aware of it.


Here’s a number of risk related pitfalls associated with a breach to consider carefully.

  • Corporate Reputation Hit – Priceless
  • Senior Executives, Employees, Customers embarrassed or humiliated through leaked e-mail.
  • Lawsuits from Employees and Customers whose information was breached.
  • Fines based on Laws and Industry Standards like HIPAA/HITECH ACT, PCI, GLBA, NIST/FISMA/FIPS, State Privacy Laws like Massachusetts CMR 201 17.00
  • Invasive investigation by State Attorney General or Department of Justice Federal Prosecutors.
  • Crippled ability to do Daily Business costing millions
  • Intellectual Property Theft for Competitive Advantage.
  • Industrial Espionage, Economic Espionage or Corporate Espionage conducted for commercial purposes instead of purely national security.
  • Disgruntled Employee Data Theft.
  • Member State Sponsored Hacking – Russia, North Korea, China, Iran etc.

Lock and patch rotated

No single security measure is bulletproof, but one that should be mandatory is an Internal/External Security Risk Assessment (Vulnerability Testing, and Penetration Testing) to baseline the areas of greatest risk and to formulate a remediation plan to protect highly sensitive data.

Let’s face it, in light of recent breach events it is no longer safe to put off hardening your Security Posture.

To learn more call Mike Sulmonetti at 978-433-2857 or e-mail at [email protected]


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