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Spear Phishing Arrives in New Zealand!!!

Apparently, Spear Phishing has just arrived in New Zealand. According to a memo just issued by the New Zealand National Cyber Security Center (NZNCSC). They wrote:


NCSC Security Advisory – NCSC-C-2014-17 12 August 2014

Spearphishing campaign targeting multiple government departments



The NCSC is aware of a current spearphishing campaign targeting a wide number of  government sector employees. To the recipient, the spearphishing email appears to be sent  from a legitimate but spoofed (i.e. using a forged sender address) email address. The NCSC  recommends all government IT Security Managers advise employees not to follow the  hyperlink contained in the body of the spearphishing email.


The Advisory goes on to explain what spear phishing is and provides information on what to look for and to remind government employees not to respond to these types of emails. (Though, I think it seems to hint that the Australians had something to do with it.)

Go Kiwis!!!



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