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Topgallant Named 2019 Top 10 Cyber Security Solutions Providers to Watch by Technology Headlines

(Editors Note: The following was extracted from Technology Headlines Magazine)

The rise of cyber crimes continues to accelerate, and that is quite evident with the recent attacks that have compromised the security of many organizations, including the established ones in the industry. Ransomware such as WannaCry, Petya, and ZCryptor have caused financial and reputational damages to organizations throughout the globe. While it is impossible to eliminate entire cyber threats, well-designed cyber security programs can actively mitigate the impact of cyber attacks and enhance the network security posture of an organization.

To effectively deal with these growing cyber threats, today, organizations are increasingly employing cyber risk assessment services. Because cyber risk assessment services can identify risks and vulnerabilities of an enterprise by applying administrative actions and match them to the internal and external cyber threats. In addition, they also provide an in-depth assessment of an organization’s ability to protect information from the impact of cyber threats.

With an aim to protect an organization’s infrastructure by identifying gaps in the security infrastructure, Jeffrey Jones introduced Topgallant Partners in 2003. With more than 25 years of experience in Cyber Security, Telecommunication, and Network industry, Jones exactly knew the types of services to include in his company’s portfolio. Besides his wide experience, his technical and managerial skills from the previous job also helped him in assessing risks; formulate the objectives and solutions to establish Topgallant Partners, as a top-class cybersecurity consulting firm.

Topgallant Partners started its journey with its offices located in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In the initial stages itself, the company’s comprehensive solutions such as Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing got immediate attention as they helped organizations to identify and resolve the risk by tightening their network security. Jones says, “Topgallant Partners will not just get the job done on-time and on-budget, but will provide the most important value of all; a job well done that will identify risk and exceed your expectations.”

Delivering cyber security risk assessment services

Today, Topgallant Partners offers a wide range of cyber security assessments including Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Web Application Testing, Risk Assessments, and Social Engineering. While its vulnerability assessment services enable companies to identify the vulnerabilities present in the devices attached to an IP based network, the company’s penetration testing service, based on OSSTMM methodology, helps companies determine whether their IT footprint can be compromised or not. Also, the company provides Web Application Testing service that tests the vulnerabilities present in the web-based applications like SQL Injection, XSS Scripting, and other OWASP type code injections.

In addition to these services, Topgallant Partners’ offers IT Risk Assessment Services for verification and validation of an Organization’s Policy and Procedure, and also provides prevention methods for Social Engineering attacks such as Phishing or USB Drop with Malicious software to manipulate human feelings and draw victims into traps.  

A Trusted Name in the Industry

Over the years, Topgallant Partners has evolved from a risk assessment service provider to one of the best end-to-end cyber security solution providers. Besides its risk assessment services, the company is also recognized for providing a cyber security testing framework that helps customers determine where their networks are in terms of compliance with Statutes, Law, Standards, Due Diligence, and the application of industry best practices as it pertains to cyber security. And that’s not all.

Today, customers view Topgallant Partners as a trusted cyber security advisor because of its ideal consulting services.  The company assists customers in the following compliance areas such as HIPAA/ARRA HITECH ACT, and State and Federal personal privacy laws and helps them comply with the changing regulations seamlessly.

Besides all, Topgallant Partners helps IT managers and business executives to manage security issues not just effectively, but also with a solid Return on Investment (ROI). The company has been consistently improving its services to support the Organization’s entire life-cycle in assessing, planning, implementing and monitoring the performance.

Going forward, the company intends to continue its journey serving its customers and helping them ensure the security infrastructure of their organizations. When asked about the future, Jones says, “Topgallant customers look to us as a subject matter expert in cyber security where we advise customers on best practices that will help them to secure their data like Intellectual Property.”

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