20 Jul: Topgallant Selected as a New York State Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Topgallant Partners was recently Certified by New York as a New York State Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business. Topgallant Received the news in April. The news was received in a letter written by the Executive Director for Division of Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development, Kenneth E. Williams.


14 Aug: Topgallant named one of ES Top Security Assessment companies of 2020

What makes Topgallant one of the most recommended cybersecurity consultants is its proprietary methodology based on NIST, PCI, and ISO standards. Considering a large portion of the company’s clientele includes healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and state and local government, Topgallant’s methodology offers all-round benefits to the clients. Moreover, the hardware-agnostic nature of Topgallant’s cybersecurity methodology makes it easier for its clients to implement the prescribed measures across their IT infrastructure.


11 Jun: Topgallant Named 2019 Top 10 Cyber Security Solutions Providers to Watch by Technology Headlines

The rise of cyber crimes continues to accelerate, and that is quite evident with the recent attacks that have compromised the security of many organizations, including the established ones in the industry. Ransomware such as WannaCry, Petya, and ZCryptor have caused financial and reputational damages to organizations throughout the globe. While it is impossible to eliminate entire cyber threats, well-designed cyber security programs can actively mitigate the impact of cyber attacks and enhance the network security posture of an organization.