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Topgallant named one of ES Top Security Assessment companies of 2020

“John, you’re a Timex watch in a digital age,” taunts Thomas Gabriel, a brilliant, but maniacal, cyber-villain of ‘Live Free or Die Hard’—the fourth installment of the Die Hard series. John (portrayed by Bruce Willis), the protagonist of the film, is an old-fashioned NYC police detective attempting to stop the cyber-terrorist from hacking into government and commercial computers across the U.S.

This movie scene has become one of the go-to pop culture references today for every discussion around cybersecurity. After all, the statement has a very fitting analogy and poses very critical questions on the tactics that organizations need to embrace to rise against advanced and intelligent cyber threats.

Although in this movie, the veteran cop does emerge victorious by aligning himself with two virtuous hackers, the real-world is still in the lookout for such trusted allies to tackle the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. Enter Topgallant Partners. “Today, businesses want the hand-holding of a trusted cybersecurity advisor, and that’s what we bring to the table,” comments Jeffrey W. Jones, managing partner at Topgallant.

What makes Topgallant one of the most recommended cybersecurity consultants is its proprietary methodology based on NIST, PCI, and ISO standards. Considering a large portion of the company’s clientele includes healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and state and local government, Topgallant’s methodology offers all-round benefits to the clients. Moreover, the hardware-agnostic nature of Topgallant’s cybersecurity methodology makes it easier for its clients to implement the prescribed measures across their IT infrastructure.

Today, businesses want hand-holding of a trusted cybersecurity advisor, and that’s what we bring to the table

In addition to security and risk assessment, Topgallant also specializes in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and security management development. Jones adds, “We also offer contract-based chief information security officer (CISO) as a service. A customer can sign up with us to avail onsite virtual CISO services.”

Through such proven capabilities, Topgallant takes its clients from an unstructured to structured cybersecurity program and increases their security awareness and posture in no time. Clients can then develop a security maturity model and expand their capabilities through continuous monitoring and improvement of their cybersecurity infrastructure. The success of such an approach has ensured Topgallant an ever-increasing client base across the entire U.S., along with a high client retention rate.

For instance, one of Topgallant’s long-term clients has been associated with the company for the last eight years. Topgallant performs yearly security risk assessment for the customer and offers them a structured security risk framework. It helps the client evaluate and improve their security vulnerabilities and increase their capabilities and security maturity index to remain PCI compliant without investing in expensive hardware. “We speak the same language as these customers, and understand their needs from a regional and business perspective,” underscores Jones, further emphasizing their customer-centric business mind-set.

Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as remote working and digital exchange of data are creating more significant and widespread cybersecurity concerns, Topgallant is experiencing a high demand for its robust security risk assessment. And, Topgallant is ready to take this challenge head-on, fortified with its rich and extensive experience in the domain. Moving ahead with this undeterred momentum, Topgallant is poised to provide realistic and measurable controls that prevent security exploitations by considering the human factor.

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