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“When NIST 800-63B Walked into a Bar: A Lighter Look at Password Standards”


In a universe (not so far away), where passwords like “123456” and “password” reigned supreme, our hero, NIST 800-63B, stepped into the scene. Picture it: it’s the kind of place where the Wi-Fi password is “Password123,” and even your cat knows your login details. Yep, it’s a security mess!

**NIST 800-63B:** *”Barkeep! Gimme a password so strong it’d take a supercomputer years to guess!”*

**Bartender:** *”Sure, how about ‘P@ssw0rd!’ with a capital ‘P’ and a ‘0’ instead of an ‘o’?”*

**NIST 800-63B:** *Facepalms*. “Let’s start fresh. Did you know that having complexity rules like those can actually make passwords weaker? Why not use something like ‘BrightPurplePenguinParade’? It’s long, memorable, and not a hot mess of symbols.”

Nearby, a guy is trying to log into his email but gets locked out after three attempts.

**Guy:** “Ugh! I can’t remember if I added an exclamation mark at the end or not.”

**NIST 800-63B:** “That’s why I recommend passphrases. And also, please stop changing your passwords every month. Unless you suspect someone’s sneaking around your account, leave it be! It’s like changing houses because you think your keys look old.”

A young lady at the other end of the bar overhears and chimes in, *”You mean I don’t need to remember ‘Fluffy’sBirthday#1995$July’ anymore?”*

**NIST 800-63B:** “Exactly! And let’s ditch those pesky security questions. Seriously, who can’t find out your first pet’s name these days? (Sorry Fluffy.)”

As the night goes on, our hero dispenses wisdom about avoiding SMS-based two-factor authentication – because really, who wants to get a text at 3 AM? And how using biometrics is cool, but best served with a side of another security factor.

As NIST 800-63B exits the bar, someone shouts, *”Hey, what about password hints?”*

**NIST 800-63B:** *”Toss ’em! And remember folks, stay lengthy, stay unique, and for the love of security, please stop using ‘password123’!”*

And so, in a world filled with password chaos, our hero, NIST 800-63B, continues its mission: making the digital realm a safer (and funnier) place for all.

Remember folks, humor aside, good password hygiene is essential. And thanks to guidelines like NIST 800-63B, we have a clearer path toward a more secure digital world!


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