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May Newsletter

May 2023 News

May 2023 Newsletter

Tim Cook Said Recently “In The World of Cybersecurity The Last Thing You Want Is To Have a Target Painted On Your Back”

The Near Inevitability of Cybersecurity Breaches Calls for Greater Focus on Identification, Response and Recovery through Incident Recovery Preparedness

  • According to The Cost of a Data Breach Report 86% of the participants said they had been breached more than once.
  • 79% of Critical Infrastructure Organizations said they had not deployed a Zero Trust Architecture.
  • 19% of breaches occurred due to business partner compromise.
  • 45% of the breaches were cloud based.
  • Average cost of a breached record $164.00
  • Estimated time to identify a breach 200+ days.
  • Source: IBM and Ponemon Group Breach Report

May 2023 News

How to Reduce the Inevitability of a Cybersecurity Breach

  • Document written IT Control cybersecurity policies, procedures, and plans.
  • Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment based on a framework like NIST CSF.
  • Perform a Vulnerability Assessment or Penetration Test to identify vulnerabilities and exploits, patch all systems based on findings and re-test.
  • Provide employee security training and awareness programs with reminders and testing.
  • Adopt a Zero Trust Model to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Data.
  • Protect sensitive data in cloud environments using policy and encryption.
  • Invest in security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) and EDR, MDR, and XDR to help improve detection and response times.
  • Protect and monitor endpoints and remote employees.

Create and Test incident response plans and teams to increase training and awareness before a breach occurs.

  • Increase IT spend it’s cheaper than a breach
  • Invest in your IT people through advanced training and certifications.
  • Deploy application aware firewalls.
  • Penetration Test custom applications and databases during the development phase.
  • Encrypt Data at rest and in transport.
  • Deploy 2 factor authentication.
  • Filter outgoing and inbound traffic.
  • Perform Audits of Business Associate Agreements for Cybersecurity adherence.
  • Turn off USB Ports.
  • Turn off Data Jack Ports.
  • Secure and Upgrade Data Centers and Wiring Closet Physical Security
  • Perform Red Team exercises to enhance the effectiveness of IR teams by uncovering attack paths and techniques they might miss and identifying gaps in their detection and response capabilities.
  • Test your Cloud Implementation.  Amazon and Microsoft only protect their infrastructure and advise clients to perform testing that they allow.

Vigilance is Key:

Companies realize a lower probability of a breach when they use a cybersecurity risk framework to evaluate their cybersecurity posture.  The reduced attack surface has fewer vulnerabilities resulting in less attack vectors making it more difficult and time consuming for a hacker to perform reconnaissance looking for a Exploit.


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